The Voyage

The plans for my long-term trip are constantly changing.  I keep uncovering new and interesting places that then become that absolute, number one, must-see priority.  Then, other locations are removed the itinerary to make space for these new destinations.  So, to keep track of what is actually happening, as opposed to all the might-be happenings, here is a list of places visited, places booked and places definitely, one hundred per cent confirmed.


10th August – 18th August 2013 Portugal
17th May – 2nd June 2013 Bali



21st February – 24th February 2013 St Petersberg, Russia
30th August – 6th September 2012 Dalyan, Turkey
13th June – 18th June 2012 Hoi An, Vietnam
12th June – 13th June 2012 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
7th June – 12th June 2012 Siem Reap, Cambodia
5th June – 7th June 2012 Halong Bay, Vietnam
1st June – 5th June 2012 Hanoi, Vietnam
20th April – 22nd April 2012 Verona, Italy
2nd August – 4th August 2011 Naxos, Greece
6th June – 13th June 2011 Mykonos, Greece
7th April – 14th April 2011 Crete, Greece
24th June – 30th June 2010 Hvar, Croatia
22nd June – 24th June 2010 Zagreb, Croatia
19th June – 22nd June 2010 Budapest, Hungary
16th June – 19th June 2010 Vienna, Austria
13th June – 16th June 2010 Prague, Czech Republic
7th April – 14th April 2010 Vieux Fort, St Lucia



2 comments on “The Voyage

  1. Anita Mac says:

    You have some great places on this list….have been to a couple and can’t wait to visit the rest!

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