Looking for information on a particular destination?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  Below is a list of the places I’ve visited and the posts I’ve written. February 2013 – St Petersburg The First Night in St Petersburg Photographing the Snow in Russia The Imperator:  A Funny Russian Restaurant Swan Lake at the Mariinsky […]

The Voyage

The plans for my long-term trip are constantly changing.  I keep uncovering new and interesting places that then become that absolute, number one, must-see priority.  Then, other locations are removed the itinerary to make space for these new destinations.  So, to keep track of what is actually happening, as opposed to all the might-be happenings, […]

Travelling with a Control Freak

Travelling with a control freak is, I imagine, really difficult and perhaps not that much fun.  I wouldn’t know.  Probably because in a travelling duo, I am the control freak. With the exception of the Russia debacle, I am relentlessly organised before a trip.  Every destination is thoroughly researched.  Every journey is googled using a […]