Money, Money, Money: How Much to Take Abroad?

Alongside the many little tasks that need doing this weekend, one main question needs answering:

How much money should I take with me to Bali?

As always, my first stop was Google.  I literally typed that in and waited for my laptop to load the answers.  And, well, there were a lot.

I suppose the main problem with asking that sort of question is that there are just far too many variables.  People like to do different things, to eat at different places, to buy different souvenirs.  Every couple will spend a different amount across a two or three week period.

The first search result was a forum.  Someone had asked my exact question.  And the first answer had replied: “At a minimum, $100-150 per person per day.”  My jaw is still on the floor.  PER PERSON PER DAY??

Equally, I have just stumbled across a number of posts which insist that holidaying for two can easily be achieved at under £20 per day.  Now, I suppose, we are probably somewhere near the middle in terms of spending.  For us, it’s not about eating at all the nicest places or doing absolutely everything available but, at the same time, we do want to enjoy ourselves.  We want to try new food.  I want to try surfing and will probably (or perhaps definitely) need a lesson.  We would like to rent a car.

So, what do you reckon?  Should I continue trawling through forum posts which make my eyebrows leap up to my hairline or should I just pick a number and guess?  Of course, we can always get more money there but ideally, I would like to have it all sorted before we leave.

Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions?  Would you stick nearer $100-150 or £20?

8 comments on “Money, Money, Money: How Much to Take Abroad?

  1. stephsoul says:

    hey there, bali is expensive… it depends what you do and where you are, but I’ve been there in 2009 and I spent 3.000 euros for 3 months (including everything from flight to surfcamp to party and shopping), so minus 1.000 for the flight, it still has been 2.000 euros there, divided by 20 days… 100 euros a day! but I lived expensive and shopped a lot 😉 hope you’re doing fine there!

  2. stephsoul says:

    sorry, for three weeks of course…

    • Lizzy says:

      Thank you for your reply. It certainly seems that Bali is going to more expensive that I thought it would be!! Another quick question if you don’t mind – did you bring US $ as well?

      • stephsoul says:

        no, just rupiah 😉 well, a friend of mine lived for 5 dollars a night in kuta, but… I don’t know what you want.

      • Lizzy says:

        Hmm I reckon 5 dollars a night will be pushing it!!! I think I will try to budget carefully but, knowing me, I’ll get fed up with that very quickly and overspend!

  3. st3llavi says:

    Hi Lizzy
    I ve been spending more than I thought here too. Beds are $12 for something basic, but if you need a car a good place to go is balicarfinder. Id say budget $40 per day upwards.
    Have a fun time!

    • Lizzy says:

      Thanks for the recommendation – we will definitely check out balicarfinder.

      And I reckon $40 is a good (and hopefully realistic!) goal. Although I will bring bank cards just in case!

  4. Little Wees says:

    I was there in 2009 just a week and i only spent $500 in total including flight ticket. But i booked the airplane half year in advance 🙂

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