My Birthday Weekend in Verona

Having just celebrated my birthday this year, I was encouraged to look back on the photos from the surprise birthday trip I received in 2012.  An amazing trip to Verona. Three fantastic days in an absolutely incredible (and highly recommended) Italian city.


This trip solidified my already strong belief that Italy is the best European country for weekend breaks.  Why?  Well, how about a list:

  • The distance

Europe may not be massive but, when you only have a couple of days to spare, it is a waste to spend the whole time on a plane or a train.  Italy is only a few hours from London so, with an early start, you can be sipping wine and scoffing pizza by lunchtime

  • The food

Which brings me to my second point.  The food in Italy is amazing.  I am perhaps slightly biased – afterall, Italian food is my favourite and I did have to hunt down an Italian restaurant in Hanoi – but surely everyone loves pizza?  And pasta?  And ice cream?

  • The weather

Italy will always have better weather than London.  Fact.  Well, sort of, fact.  It might not always be better, but I reckon that London is rarely sunnier than Italy.

  • The many, many beautiful cities

Italy has so much to offer.  The list of places to visit is (almost) endless.  So, yes, I may have been to Verona.  And to Florence.  But that still leaves Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Turin, Perugia and Pisa as well as Lake Garda.


My trip to Verona successfully fulfilled all of these criteria.  The flight only took about two hours – we left very early in the morning and were, as you may have expected, sipping wine and scoffing pizza by lunchtime.  After that, we ate constantly until we came home a couple of days later.  I had the best bolognaise ever at a wonderful, little out-of-the-way restaurant, and had a mid-morning and late-afternoon ice-cream everyday.  The weather was perfect as, with the exception of one brief shower, we had sunshine from Friday until Sunday.  And yes, it was beautiful.



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