Time Flies Whether or Not You’re Having Fun

In January, I booked my trip to Bali.

January.  That was months ago.  And then, all of sudden, April has happened and it is May.  May.  The month in which I go to Bali.

The last few months have been really busy: some of it good, some of it not so.  I’ve done a lot of work towards my degree.  I’ve written my dissertation, I’ve written an 8000 word essay worth 17.5% of my degree and I’m currently getting to grips with a 6000 word essay worth 15% of my degree.  And I’m not going to lie.  It’s making me miserable.  It’s not so much the essays themselves, it’s the fear of them being rubbish.  These last three pieces of work have been worth a lot of marks.  It’s scary.  The essays I did in second year seems to be worth under 3% each, so the pressure for these final few is full on.

But there has been a lot of fun in the last three months as well.  I’ve eaten at a lot of lovely places, celebrated birthdays including my own and those of friends and family, been on a wonderful trip to St Petersburg.

And then, in less than three weeks, Bali.

I’m really excited for this trip.  More excited than I was for last years trip and more excited than I was about St Petersburg.

But then today, I suddenly thought: What about after the trip?

My degree will be finished.  So what then?  Well, I guess I grow up and get a job.  I need to start doing the things I want to do before I travel and saving the money that I need to save before I travel.  I have a few things in the pipeline – one of which involves the travel industry – so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that things come together.

And if they do, I will spend the next few weeks looking at this …

Jimbaran Beach, Bali.

Before spending the next few months (or perhaps years) staring lovingly at the London skyline.  And then, staring at beaches and cities and villages from around the world.


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