An International Driving License-Related Meltdown

At the weekend, I decided it was time to GET ORGANISED.

I think I’ve been over-embracing the new not-a-control-freak-anymore version of myself.  By which I mean, I booked flights for Bali, then I booked accommodation and then I did nothing.

I knew that I would need to sort out an international driving license but, busy with essays, the thought wandered off to the back of my mind.  Until last week.  When I had a mini meltdown, thinking I’d left it too late and that there was no chance I could possibly get it sorted in time and that we’d have to change all of the plans because I had been too disorganised to sort out driving licenses.

Which, as usual, was an unnecessarily dramatic response to a completely solvable problem.

I remembered researching the international licenses several months ago and recalled that the forms were only available in a few post offices scattered across London.  Which would have meant a Saturday spent traipsing across London all for the sake of a piece of paper.

Thankfully, it transpired that they were available on the internet.  So, with a few passport photos left over from my Russian visa application, I was able to gather all the documentation together in about an hour.  And apparently it only takes 10 working days.  So with exactly 32 days until I leave for Bali, there was no need to panic at all!


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