Airport Lounges

A few weeks ago, I posted about the business lounge at Heathrow.

Basically, I said that WE LOVED THEM.  Finding ourselves sitting, sipping beer at 8am was a bit of a surprise, but it was a brilliant start to a brilliant weekend.


The lounge at Zürich Airport, Switzerland.

After we returned home, I decided to check out the cost of airport lounges.  I worked out that we would normally spend around £15 per person on water, snacks and magazines before a flight and, at Lounge Pass, discovered that the No. 1 Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 cost £30 per person.  So, as expected, it didn’t really make financial sense.

Then, earlier today, I received my weekly e-mail from TravelZoo.  Among many other deals, was a £20 Lounge Entry Voucher.

I had two options.  1) Ignore It.  You are saving for a long-term trip after all.  Every little helps when trying to save.  Don’t overspend on next months trip to Bali and delay the start date for the major 2014 trip.  Or 2) Buy It.  You enjoyed it last time.  It will make the Bali trip even better.  And everyone loves a glass of champagne.

Guess which option I went with? 



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